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We provide the most comprehensive suite of copyright services available online.  From initial research and opinion letters to the registration of your copyrights and the enforcement and defense thereof we protect your business and original works every step of the way.

  • Copyright Services

    Registering your copyrights is a critical step in the protection of your original works of authorship. Whether you are an artist, musician, or author your your original works are your assets. Protect them. At The Trademark Company we offer a host of services to protect your works in the United States as well as around the world.

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  • Defense Services

    When your rights in your copyrights and trademark are challenged by others it is imperative to have an experienced trademark attorney on your side to whom you can turn. At The Trademark Company we have developed services to ensure that our clients are protected against unforeseen legal proceedings in relation to their intellectual property rights.

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  • Enforcement Services

    It is critical to stop others' infringing use of your trademark as soon as it is discovered. Allowing infringing use of your trademark diminishes your brand's ability to function as a trademark and, worse, may directly lead to the loss of business and revenue to you or your business as a result of confusion in the marketplace. At The Trademark Company we have developed an expansive line of services to meet your enforcement needs.

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