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Trademark Registration 

Your trademark is your business’s most valuable asset. Protect it.

Register your trademark to secure your rights in your brand. Select the package that suits your needs and we’ll take care of the rest. 

from $149 + federal fees (charged when filed)  

Why register it

Stop Copycats

Stops others from using your valuable intellectual property.

Put the World on Notice

Puts the world on notice that it’s your brand allowing you to use the ® symbol.

Enforce & Defend Your Rights

Makes it easier to enforce and defend your rights.

What you can and can’t trademark

What to trademark

How to start your trademark

  1. Tell us about your trademark
  2. Select your package
  3. We’ll handle the rest

Depending on what works best for you, once you select your package, we’ll assemble your trademark for filing with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office or have one of our network attorneys handle it for you. It’s that easy!

Two great options to secure your trademark

InstaFile Trademark

from $149 plus gov fees*

Attorney-led Trademark

from $449 plus gov fees*^

What sets us apart

Dedicated Account Manager

Unlike other companies where you’re just a number, with The Trademark Company you have a dedicated, knowledgeable Account Manager to answer all of your questions and guide your trademark through to registration.

We Make Legal Easy

Our systems make assembling even the most complex of legal documents quick and easy. Just answer a few simple questions and we’ll take care of the rest!

Affordable, Flat-Rate Services

And unlike services that charge by the hour and can cost an arm and a leg our flat-fee services and negotiated rates with our plan attorneys have up front pricing to keep you within your legal budget.

Meet our customers

Frequently asked questions

It depends. 

If registering your trademark with the USPTO (Federal Trademark) if your trademark is very similar (e.g., NIKE vs. NIKEE) when used with similar goods (e.g., both used for shoes) then probably not. In general, at the USPTO it’s a sliding scale. The more similar the trademarks are as well as how similar the goods are services are the more likely your trademark will be rejected. Alternatively, if they are not that similar or the goods or services are not similar you can probably get it registered.

If registering your trademark on the public digital register (eTrademark) the existence of another similar trademark will not block the registration of your trademark. To learn more about our eTrademark service Click Here.

Most people start with their company name such as NIKE, product lines like AIR JORDAN or TIGER WOODS, and even their logos such as Nike’s famous swoosh design and tag lines or slogans such as JUST DO IT. In short, the more you register the more you protect! 

A Direct-Hit search, included in our InstaFile Basic, is a great search that lets you know whether there is an identical trademark out there that will block the registration of your trademark. It’s a great, cost-effective search (and package) to get you started when you’re on a budget.

But as you should be aware, sometimes even a similar trademark can block yours from registering. That’s why we offer our expanded  Federal Search included in our InstaFile Standard to go deeper and uncover similar trademarks that could block the registration of your trademark. Our InstaFile Standard is our most popular package and well worth the additional cost.

Finally, our Comprehensive Search, included with our InstaFile Platinum, is the granddaddy of them all. Not only does it look out for similar trademarks, but it will also will let you know if your trademark could get rejected for other reasons. If it’s in your budget, it’s our best package to guarantee the registration of your trademark!

Understand that the USPTO charges per class for Federal Trademarks. There is no government fee or fee per class for an eTrademark. Keep this in mind when deciding between a Federal Trademark and an eTrademark.

In general, when filing a Federal Trademark with the USPTO you should register your trademark in the class or classes in which your goods or services are or will be provided. For instance, if you will use your trademark for shoes, that would be Class 25. But if you are also going to use for retail store services that would be in Class 35. Oh, and don’t worry. We can help you figure out what class or classes your goods or services fall in to. The USPTO has an online tool we use that allows us to do this for you. Just tell us what you use your trademark with and we can tell you what they say.

For our Federal Trademark packages with the USPTO, we’ll get it on file for you that same day if not the next day. However, the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office is not as efficient as we are. So from start to finish, the average time to registration is about 11 months. And don’t worry, we know what you’re thinking. I can’t wait that long! So here’s a little good news. You don’t have to. You’re allowed to use your trademark as soon as you like. Ask your Account Manager and they can explain more.

For a faster option, consider our eTrademark package. With our eTrademark, your trademark is registered on the digital register within 1 business day!!!

If you want protection with the USPTO with a Federal Trademark there is always a chance your trademark will be rejected. The chances tend to be less with our Standard and Platinum Packages as their searches are a little more comprehensive. But no matter what, if it happens we will be with you every step of the way with options to get past the refusal.

However, your trademark will not be rejected and is guaranteed to register with our new eTrademark!!!

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*USPTO filing fee, per class, of between $250 and $350.

^Cost is determined by Annual Membership in Our Legal Service Plan. For Terms and Conditions of the Plan Click Here.