Many of our customers stress the value of our services.  In short, keeping with our founding principles we provide the highest level of services at the most affordable rates in the industry.

We could charge more for our services.  We could have gilded offices in a major metropolitan area. Why? So we can pass these costs onto our customers?  That would violate our founding tenets.  We keep our costs low so that we can pass the savings along to our clients.

Quality & Experience

But value without quality is of no value at all.  It is this rigorous training which leads to the high quality of the services we provide.  A high quality that others may try to copy, but they cannot.

But the quality of our service is not limited to our technical knowledge.  Ultimately it is also our people who make the difference.  For if our technical knowledge cannot be relayed to our customer of what true value is it?

Personal Service & Answers to Your Questions

Ultimately we pride ourselves on our customer service.  Our Account Managers are the most knowledgeable in the industry.  Unlike other services which either will not answer your questions or simply do not know enough to answer your inquires we do and will.  We want our customers and prospective customers to be 100% satisfied 100% of the time.

Once you become a customer of The Trademark Company you never dial into a phone queue only to have an operator check a computer screen to see the status of your matter(s).  At The Trademark Company an Account Manager is assigned to your account.  You get a name, a direct phone extension, and a specific email address.  When you have questions about your matters, you call a person – not a system.