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Office Action Response 

The USPTO said no to your trademark. Let’s get it back on track, together.

It’s your trademark! Don’t let them tell you no. No matter what the issue is, we have the right response. 

from $199 or 4 Installments of $49 

Why respond?

You’re Invested

You’re already invested in this trademark. Make sure it gets registered.

Back on Track

An acceptable response gets your trademark back on track to register.

Quality You Can Trust

Our responses have been accepted by the USPTO thousands of times.

How to respond to your office action

  1. Tell us about your trademark and the action it received
  2. Select your package
  3. Answer a few simple questions

Depending on your package, we’ll just need a few simple questions answered or your attorney will handle everything. It’s that easy!

Two great options to respond to your office action

EZ Response

from $199

Attorney-led Response

from $449

What sets us apart

Dedicated Account Manager

Unlike other companies where you’re just a number, with The Trademark Company you have a dedicated, knowledgeable Account Manager to answer all of your questions and guide your trademark through to registration.

We Make Legal Easy

Our systems make assembling even the most complex of legal documents quick and easy. Just answer a few simple questions and we’ll take care of the rest!

Affordable, Flat-Rate Services

And unlike services that charge by the hour and can cost an arm and a leg our flat-fee services and negotiated rates with our plan attorneys have up front pricing to keep you within your legal budget.

Frequently asked questions

Any correspondence from the USPTO which requires a response to fix your trademark application.

It’s pretty simple. 

A procedural office action only contains easy-to-fix issues like submitting a new specimen or fixing an identification of goods or services. 

A refusal is more complicated, such your trademark is too similar to another trademark already registered, and even a proper response may not guarantee registration.

It depends. If your trademark is very similar (e.g., NIKE vs. NIKEE) when used with similar goods (e.g., both used for shoes) then probably not. 

In general, it’s a sliding scale. The more similar the trademarks are as well as how similar the goods are services are the more likely your trademark will be rejected. Alternatively, if they are not that similar or the goods or services are not similar you can probably get it registered.

It depends.

Our Procedural Response is $199. This will handle all simple issues such as:

  • Amending Goods or Services;
  • Claims of Prior Registration(s);
  • Color Claims;
  • Disclaimers;
  • Specimen of Use; and/or
  • Other Clarification Requests.

Our Refusal Response for $399 handles situations where the USPTO has refused registration  because, in the USPTO’s opinion, your trademark is too similar to another trademark or perhaps because it is descriptive. Of note, our Refusal Response includes any procedural issues with your application as well.

Finally, our Attorney-led Response with our Legal Advantage Platinum plan is $599. This option is great for when your trademark needs a little extra TLC to get it through the process. It comes with an attorney’s review of your office action, advice as to how to respond, and the preparation and filing of the response by your plan attorney addressing all issues raised by the USPTO.

Of note, these costs are often tax-deductible.

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