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File Your Annual Report.

Our Annual Reports Package keeps your business registered and in good standing with the state. 

  • Custom Annual Report filed with the State
  • #1 in Annual Reports
  • Created by Top Corporate Attorneys ensuring acceptance of your Annual Report
  • Lifetime Customer Support for your Business
  • Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee ensuring your complete satisfaction
Just $149 plus State filing fees

File Your Annual Report.

Our Annual Reports Package keeps your business registered and in good standing.

  • #1 in Annual Reports
  • Custom Annual Report
  • Created by Top Attorneys
  • Lifetime Customer Support
  • Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Just $149 plus State filing fees

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4.4 Out of 5.0 Stars

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  • It is not easy to meet a good attorney, but even harder to meet an attorney, who is genuinely warm and nice. How lucky we are to have met The Trademark Company whose attorneys have both qualities. Very sharp, honest and reliable. What more can you ask from your attorney? They will be our attorneys as long as they continue to practice.

    Henry Diaz Avatar
    Henry Diaz

    Great company! I'm setting up a new business and needed to secure our brand. The Trademark Company's services made it quick and easy. Their people are wonderful. Top notch. I highly recommend them if you are starting a business and need to protect your brand!

    Ken Eason Avatar
    Ken Eason

    Their website is easy to use and is perfectly functional. 
    The order forms and checkout pages are laid out in a way that paints a clear picture of each feature's cost. Their online dashboard, which neatly organizes all of your LLC paperwork, is also convenient.

    Ryan Sutherland Avatar
    Ryan Sutherland
  • After a relatively short introductory call with them to scope out what I was trying to accomplish, we were able to build out a plan for how to structure my new business in a way that addresses all of my needs.Once we got the ball rolling, they were on top of everything. They are quick, sharp, and overall amazing.As a serial entrepreneur, I am thrilled and relieved to have finally found a strong corporate attorney that I can depend on.

    Adrian Forsyth Avatar
    Adrian Forsyth

    We have been using The Trademark Company services for 6 months now and we have had a very positive experience. They’ve been always answering to our inquiries in a short time and providing services at a reasonable price. Gave us often valuable professional recommendations

    Reed John Avatar
    Reed John

    The Trademark Company is simply amazing. They swiftly used their brilliance and expertise to get my project up and rolling so seamlessly. I recommend that all new companies consult with this company. Their in-depth trademark knowledge will protect your interests in a very timely manner. Thank you,gents! Keep up the great work.

    Mitchell Starc Avatar
    Mitchell Starc
  • The Trademark Company has helped us in areas other attorneys could not help, I cannot express fully our appreciation for them and the work they have done for our corporations. They are knowledgeable, available, and easy to work with. I do not think an individual or corporation could find a better trademark attorneys.

    Maggie Ricco Avatar
    Maggie Ricco

    The Trademark Company helped my brand new company with it’s trademark several years ago. At that time it seemed insignificant. We were just getting started and the trademark wasn’t really at the top of the to-do list. Halfway through the process another company made a stink about the name of our company. The Trademark Company was exceptional as we navigated this complicated issue. We didn’t have the money to fight this other, more established entity. Knowing our limitations they helped us acquire what we needed without jumping into expensive litigation.

    Peter Terry Avatar
    Peter Terry

    Very impressed with the service received from The Trademark Company. I was skeptical at first, as I am with any service I find online, but I asked around and they came highly recommended from friends who had received trademarks... I would recommend The Trademark Company to anyone seeking a trademark.

    Chandra Bertolini Avatar
    Chandra Bertolini
  • The Trademark Company are the best I have ever had the pleasure of working with. They are extremely intelligent &professional and prices are very reasonable! I will use them again if and when the time comes.

    Liza Shugart Avatar
    Liza Shugart

    True story. I called The Trademark Company today and had a not-so-brief thought provoking conversation with them in which I learned a few things and that is more than I can say for most attorneys I’ve ever contacted. Very knowledgeable, polite, and were willing to take time to give me a little advice and encouragement. I will be using The Trademark Company in the future. Thanks again!

    Niki Reyer Avatar
    Niki Reyer

    I have had a great experience during my trademark process.They were very responsive and have a great depth of knowledge. Highly Recommended!

    Amie Farnes Avatar
    Amie Farnes
  • They're as TTC Business Solutions, honestly, I have nothing to say but great things. I already bought 3 trademarks, and everything was smooth sailing. Paid and everything was done, I didn't have to do anything. They were great, professional and make it happen from a to z. Thanks guys 🙂

    Joelle Sahar Avatar
    Joelle Sahar

    I used The Trademark Company to protect our company's logo. The process with fast and easy. I highly recommend their services.

    Frank del Rio Avatar
    Frank del Rio

    My boss told me to take care of applying for our company's trademark. Had never done this. The Trademark Company made it fast and easy. Thanks!

    Elizabeth Larner Avatar
    Elizabeth Larner

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Annual Report Package


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Filing of your annual report with the State within 1 business day.

Business Specialist

Annual Report assembled and filed by a business specialist.

Status Reports & Guidance

Status reports and guidance through every step of the renewal process.

Notice of Renewal Dates

Notice of important dates for the continuation of your business.

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Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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