Stop Brand Confusion on Social Networks

Today social networks like Facebook and Twitter are changing the online landscapes for businesses.  Just a few years ago a brand’s primary message was delivered through a website.  In today’s environment, our online presence has become more complex.  Websites and social media sites are used collaboratively to distribute an individual’s or company’s entire online brand message.

But with the rise of social media we have also seen a rise in unwarranted infringement throughout large social media sites.  It is no longer sufficient to protect against your website and domain names similar to your trademark(s), that protection must also extend to Facebook, Twitter, and like social media sites.  In this regard, let our Social Media Complaint Package help eliminate competitors from using trademarks identical or similar to yours on social networks around the globe.

Our Social Network Complaint Package ($499) includes:

  • Conducting Due Diligence Research to Confirm Your Rights in Your Trademark vis-a-vis the Rights Allegedly Retained by the Purported Infringer;
  • Providing an Opinion Letter as to the Respective Rights Involved;
  • Submitting a Complaint with the Social Network Identified;
  • Receiving, Analyzing, and Responding to Responses to Our Complaint, as warranted; and
  • Providing with Status Reports Along the Way as to the Status of the Matter.

So stop infringement of your trademark on social networks today!

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