Pay-Per-Click Internet Advertising Shield

In today’s online marketplace it is becoming more and more critical to protect your brand from all unwarranted uses.  One such wrongful use is allowing your competitors to bid on your trademark as a keywords in their pay-per-click advertising campaign.  If you are the owner of a registered trademark use our Pay-Per-Click Internet Advertising Shield to stop your competitors from stealing customers from you by having their ads appear when people search online for your brand.

Our Pay-Per-Click Internet Advertising Sheild ($199) includes:

  • Review of Pay-Per-Click advertising that is wrongfully using your registered trademark in their online campaigns; amd
  • Submission of your registered trademark to preclude others from bidding on the same as a keywords; and
  • Status reports as to the status of the claim.
So don’t delay.  Stop your competitors’ online ads from appearing when your customers are looking for you.

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