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How to Protect Your US Trademark Internationally

How to Protect Your Trademark Internationally We are often asked whether a U.S. trademark registration protects your trademark around the world. Unfortunately, the answer is that it does not. However, today it is easy to protect your trademark globally. Let’s take a look at the options how.   by The Trademark Company updated 06/27/2022 | 5 […]

An Overview of the U.S. Federal Trademark Registration Process

Overview of the Federal Trademark Registration Process A U.S. federal trademark registration is a valuable business.  It’s how consumers in the marketplace identify your goods and services apart from those of your competitors.  It’s also invaluable in stopping your competitors from adopting trademarks that are confusingly similar to yours. by The Trademark Company updated 06/25/2002 | […]

What Entity is Right for Your New Business?

What Entity is Right for Your New Business? We are often asked by our customers ‘What type of entity should I use for my new business and where should I form it?’  Although the this is a simple question, the answer typically depends upon what type of business you intend to open and how many owners […]

10 Rules for Startup Success

10 Rules for Startup Success Fifty percent of all new businesses fail within the first 5 years. 50%! That means that if you start a business, and a friend or family member starts a business, on average one of you is destined to fail. Why? Why do so many fail while others succeed?  by Matt […]

How to Select a Great Trademark

How to Select a Great Trademark We are often asked for suggestions on how to select a great trademark by our startup customers.  The response is always the same, “It depends on what you want out of your trademark.” by The Trademark Company updated 06/23/2022 | 4 Min Read  Twitter Facebook There are generally two schools […]

A Quick IP Overview

A Quick IP Overview We are often asked do I need a trademark for my slogan? Can I patent my idea? How do I keep others from copying materials that I have written? Well, here’s a primer for what all small business owners should know to protect their valuable intellectual property assets. by The Trademark […]

NFT Your Trademark

Protecting Your Trademark as an NFT One of the top questions we are often asked is do I really need to register my trademark with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office? Our answer may come as a surprise to most people: No, no you do not!  by The Trademark Company updated 06/21/2002 | 4 Min […]


Your trademark is your business’s most valuable asset. Protect it. Start my trademark registration 4.3 out of 5 Stars (502 Reviews)  4.3/5 Why register it Stop Copycats Stops others from using your valuable intellectual property. Put the World on Notice Puts the world on notice that it’s your brand allowing you to use the […]

Why You Should Register Your Copyrights

Individuals are often confused by the distinctions between copyrights, patents, and trademarks.  In this article, we explain the basis for copyright protection, what can be protected under U.S. Copyright laws, and the benefits of registering your work with the U.S. Copyright Office. What Is Protected Under U.S. Copyright Law?  A Copyright is a form of […]

Trademark Monitoring: A Critical Step in Your Brand Protection Strategy

A few years ago we were approached by an online nutraceutical company to assist them in the enforcement of their trademarked product lines.  The company came to us after a prolonged period of watching their monthly sales decline and finally suspecting that one of their competitors was somehow stealing some of their customers.  More specifically, over […]