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Protect your trademark for as Low as $149 +Gov. Fees

Why register it

Stop Copycats

Stops others from using your valuable intellectual property.

Put the World on Notice

Puts the world on notice that it’s your brand allowing you to use the ® symbol.

Enforce & Defend Your Rights

Makes it easier to enforce and defend your rights.

What you can and can’t trademark

What to trademark

How to start your trademark

  1. Tell us about your trademark
  2. We’ll research it and let you know
  3. We’ll assemble and file your paperwork 

Once you give us the ok, we’ll assemble and file your paperwork with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office. It’s that easy!

Three easy ways to register your trademark

InstaFile Basic

$149 plus gov fees (charged when filed)

InstaFile Standard

$199 plus gov fees (charged when filed)

InstaFile Platinum

$399 plus gov fees (charged when filed)

What sets us apart

Dedicated Account Manager

Unlike other companies where you’re just a number, with The Trademark Company you have a dedicated, knowledgeable Account Manager to answer all of your questions and guide your trademark through to registration.

We Make Legal Easy

Our systems make assembling even the most complex of legal documents quick and easy. Just answer a few simple questions and we’ll take care of the rest!

Affordable, Flat-Rate Services

And unlike services that charge by the hour and can cost an arm and a leg our flat-fee services have up front pricing to keep you within your legal budget.

Meet our customers

  • I had both Brett and Kyle help me with my trademark application. They made this process as smooth and simple as I could have imagined. Now I can focus solely on running my business knowing that Brett and Kyle will look after my trademark as if it was their own. I highly recommend this company!

    Krystal Lee Avatar
    Krystal Lee

    My rep Ian Marchuck was very responsive and walked me through my renewal process, as well as updating all my information. I have future business opportunities in the future that he has assured me, that he will walk me through those as well. I am very happy with their services. Truly exceptional

    Rob Smith Avatar
    Rob Smith

    Brian @The trademark company has been amazing! Brian has gone above, and beyond to help me with my trademark. He is a very professional and very responsive individual. Brian has taken the time to explain all I needed to do, and literally walk me through it all. I will definitely use the Trademark Company in the future. Thank you so much for putting up with me.

    Hamburger Heaven Avatar
    Hamburger Heaven
  • I dealt with Brett S throughout the entire trademark process. He is knowledgeable , efficient , and well versed in the trials and tribulations of wading through the trademark process. In a [previous career, I used the services of a Manhattan Firm to handle all of my trademark requirements. It was quite expensive . This effort was concise, to the point and extremely affordable. I will not hesitate to use their services again. I highly recommend them to you. i know you will be as satisfied as i am

    Russ Mantione Avatar
    Russ Mantione

    The Trademark Company provides a valuable service at a fair price. The representative I worked with (Jessica) made the process easy for me. Reaching her over the phone or email was also very easy; she was very pleasant, professional, and super responsive. I was up against a very tight deadline, and they got the needed work done on time.
    Given my busy schedule, I appreciated the Trademark Company handling two separate transaction with the PTO, saving me hours of research and work to pull everything together!

    Eddie Alvarez Avatar
    Eddie Alvarez

    Jacob Porter is a superb account manager at The Trademark Company. He not only answered all my questions
    but he walked me through the applications processes every step of the way, which resulted in me hiring The Trademark Company for additional projects. Generating new business from an initial business relationship is always a winning formula. Thank you Jacob
    P for your professionalism.

    Don T.

    DON TAYLOR Avatar
  • We just finished forming our LLC and are working on the trademark for our farm. Jessica has been wonderful answering our questions and explaining the process as we go. Love the fact that we only pay for the legal documents we need, if and when we need them!

    K&J Arabians Avatar
    K&J Arabians

    We just finished forming our LLC and are working on the trademark for our farm. Jessica has been wonderful answering our questions and explaining the process as we go. Love the fact that we only pay for the legal documents we need, if and when we need them!

    Jessica Caswell Avatar
    Jessica Caswell

    Our trademark came up for renewal recently and the process was super easy and quick. Barely an inconvenience. I'm happy to have this off my plate for another 5 years. Communication was thorough and effective. I felt comfortable and assured throughout.

    Nicole Peretti Avatar
    Nicole Peretti
  • My interaction with Pat. D was professional excellence. From the point of the main inquiry all the way to the conclusion of paying our government fees, he was extremely attentive to the agency's needs and what we were trying to accomplish. I have no reservations about referring Pat to anyone who needs the services that The Trademark Company provides. Thank you Pat for your outstanding service!

    Heather Odom Avatar
    Heather Odom

    Being a small business owner there are a lot of things that you do not know. Working with The Trademark Company has helped me navigate a process that is so foreign to me and lots of nuances. They have freed up my time to focus on my business while they handle the paperwork with getting important trademarks filed. Kyle is beyond responsive and patient with all my questions. I am happy I found them and highly recommend them for all businesses.

    Marisa Fuller Avatar
    Marisa Fuller

    I've enjoyed working with this company and our representative, Brian. I had a ton of questions and spent lots of his time on the phone over several days.

    Filling under the correct classes is critical to the future growth of our company. I walked Brian through our business plan and he was able to provide his professional experience to help build a filing plan. The research The Trademark Company had completed is excellent insight into other trademarks similar to ours.

    The price we paid for this service was of great value to us in both time and expertise, and I would just this company again.

    Opie M Avatar
    Opie M
  • I needed to get some trademarks done for my business and worked with Brett Switick.
    He was professional, helpful, and surpassed every single expectation I had. He was patient, and it was a pleasure to work with him!
    His positive attitude was amazing! His follow up superb!
    He is a complete asset to your organization!

    Thank you Brett.

    Mark Tilds
    Junk-Genie - Owner

    Mark Tilds Avatar
    Mark Tilds

    Had a nice experience with The Trademark Company. Originally was going with their Standard Package. After I researched it thought the Platinum was too good to pass up. Very easy as well.

    Preston Woods Avatar
    Preston Woods

    Man these folks make it easy. Had never applied for a trademark. Went through their system. After they called and confirmed a few things it was filed that same day.

    James Kennedy Avatar
    James Kennedy

Frequently asked questions

It depends. If your trademark is very similar (e.g., NIKE vs. NIKEE) when used with similar goods (e.g., both used for shoes) then probably not. 

In general, it’s a sliding scale. The more similar the trademarks are as well as how similar the goods are services are the more likely your trademark will be rejected. Alternatively, if they are not that similar or the goods or services are not similar you can probably get it registered.

Most people start with their company name such as NIKE, product lines like AIR JORDAN or TIGER WOODS, and even their logos such as Nike’s famous swoosh design and tag lines or slogans such as JUST DO IT. In short, the more you register the more you protect! 

A Direct-Hit search, included in our InstaFile Basic, is a great search that lets you know whether there is an identical trademark out there that will block the registration of your trademark. It’s a great, cost-effective search (and package) to get you started when you’re on a budget.

But as you should be aware, sometimes even a similar trademark can block yours from registering. That’s why we offer our expanded  Federal Search included in our InstaFile Standard to go deeper and uncover similar trademarks that could block the registration of your trademark. Our InstaFile Standard is our most popular package and well worth the additional cost.

Finally, our Comprehensive Search, included with our InstaFile Platinum, is the granddaddy of them all. Not only does it look out for similar trademarks, but it will also will let you know if your trademark could get rejected for other reasons. If it’s in your budget, it’s our best package to guarantee the registration of your trademark!

Understand that the USPTO charges per class. So keep this in mind when deciding how many classes in which you should register.

In general, you should register your trademark in the class or classes in which your goods or services are or will be provided. For instance, if you will use your trademark for shoes, that would be Class 25. But if you are also going to use for retail store services that would be in Class 35.

Oh, and don’t worry. We can help you figure out what class or classes your goods or services fall in to. The USPTO has an online tool we use that allows us to do this for you. Just tell us what you use your trademark with and we can tell you what they say.

Like our packages guarantee, we’ll get it on file for you that same day if not the next day. However, the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office is not as efficient as we are. So from start to finish, the average time to registration is about 11 months. And don’t worry, we know what you’re thinking. I can’t wait that long! So here’s a little good news. You don’t have to. You’re allowed to use your trademark as soon as you like. Ask your Account Manager and they can explain more.

Yes. There is always a chance. The chances tend to be less with our Standard and Platinum Packages as their searches are a little more comprehensive. But no matter what, if it happens we will be with you every step of the way with options to get past the refusal.

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