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Trademark 2.0 (aka NFT Trademark)

The Modern Way to Protect Your Trademark. All the Rights of a Federal Registration. None of the Cost, Delays, or Hassle.

Rejected by the USPTO? Federal filing fees too costly? Not to worry. We have your back with our exclusive Trademark 2.0 packages. Same-day, guaranteed registration. Protected under the same law as a USPTO trademark. What’s not to love?

Why protect your trademark as a Trademark 2.0

Same Federal Protection

Your Trademark 2.0 is protected under the same federal statute as a USPTO registration.

Without the Cost

With no costly federal fees, you save hundreds of dollars over a federal trademark. 

Guaranteed Registration

Guaranteed registration. No refusals. No rejections. What’s not to love?

What you can and can’t trademark

What to trademark

How to start your trademark

  1. Tell us about your trademark
  2. Select your package
  3. We’ll handle the rest

Depending on what works best for you, once you select your package we’ll record your trademark on the blockchain verifying your use of the same for all time and provide you with a Certificate of Registration. It’s that easy!

Two great options to secure your trademark

Trademark 2.0


Trademark 2.0 Plus


Why secure your trademark as a Trademark 2.0?

What sets us apart

Dedicated Account Manager

Unlike other companies where you’re just a number, with The Trademark Company you have a dedicated, knowledgeable Account Manager to answer all of your questions and guide your trademark through to registration.

We Make Legal Easy

Our systems make assembling even the most complex of legal documents quick and easy. Just answer a few simple questions and we’ll take care of the rest!

Affordable, Flat-Rate Services

And unlike services that charge by the hour and can cost an arm and a leg our flat-fee services have up front pricing to keep you within your legal budget.

Meet our customers

Frequently asked questions

A Trademark 2.0, or NFT Trademark, stands for Non-Fungible Token Trademark.

A Non-Fungible Token is a manner of storing data on a public blockchain that can never be altered or amended. The blockchain is a public record that secures data at a specific point in time that can never be altered or amended.

As such, an NFT Trademark is a manner of securing your trademark on a publicly accessible blockchain in the form of an NFT. 

One of the greatest misconceptions about trademarks is that they must be registered with the USPTO. They don’t!

Under 15 U.S.C. § 1125(a), unregistered trademarks (e.g., NFT Trademarks) have virtually the same protections as trademarks registered with the USPTO. You have rights in them just like a registered trademark. They can be enforced just like a registered trademark. How?

Under U.S. law, you acquire rights in a trademark when you (1) begin use of a trademark AND (2) your trademark is otherwise protectable (i.e., is not merely descriptive (e.g., trying to use SHOES as your trademark for your line of shoes)). The USPTO primarily focuses on (2). But an NFT Trademark records your trademark’s use on the blockchain, a record that cannot be altered or amended, thus recording your use, the (1) requirement of trademark rights.

So while the USPTO focuses on (2), our Trademark 2.0 provides you with proof of use of your trademark, verified on the blockchain or public digital register, satisfying the main critical component of  15 U.S.C. § 1125(a), namely verified use of your trademark at a set point in time.


Under 15 U.S.C. § 1125(a) a Trademark 2.0 protected as an NFT can be enforced in virtually the same way as a USPTO registered trademark.  And with the proliferation statutes currently pending and passed before state legislatures, we believe that NFT Trademarks with their verified use on the blockchain will be easier to enforce then their USPTO counterparts.

In a word: No Government Fees! OK, so that’s actually three words but you get the point. Depending on a variety of factors, the USPTO charges hundreds of dollars to file for a trademark. By comparison, minting fees on the blockchain, those fees paid to the independent verification system known as blockchain miners, are far more reasonable and are absorbed by The Trademark Company as part of your NFT Trademark packages.


Once your order is received and all information and documentation needed, your NFT Trademark will be minted on the blockchain securing the use of your trademark.

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*Based upon average filing fees for the USPTO of a 1 to 2 class application including average SOU fees as well as the cost to renew the trademark after the first five years.