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Customs & Border Protection Package

Counterfeiting can ruin your business. Prevent it before it does.

Filing your trademark with the U.S. Customs & Border Protection Agency blocks counterfeit goods from entering the country.

  • #1 in Counterfeit Prevention
  • All Legal Documents Assembled and Filed
  • Lowest Cost Counterfeit Protection
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Lifetime Customer Support
Limited Time $199 plus gov. fees

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Prevent Counterfeiting of Your Brand

Limited Time $199 plus gov. fees

Every year counterfeit goods cost U.S. brands over $30 billion in lost sales. The top culprit – China. Now that your trademark is registered you may be targeted. Don’t wait to be a victim. Prevent counterfeiting before it impacts your business with our Customs & Border Protection Package.

  • #1 Way to Prevent Infringement by foreign goods
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Lifetime Customer Support

Protect your rights today!

Questions? Call (800) 906-8626

$299 plus gov. fees

What Our Customers Say About Us

4.93 out of 5.0 Stars

  • Man these folks make it easy. Had never applied for a trademark. Went through their system. After they called and confirmed a few things it was filed that same day.

    James Kennedy Avatar
    James Kennedy

    Needed a trademark for my online store. The Trademark Company made it very easy. Answer a few questions and the application is on file. Great service. Good value.

    Kimberly Hoch Avatar
    Kimberly Hoch

    Just used The Trademark Company to apply for my company's new logo. Had used them in the past. Thought they were great then. They made the second time just as easy as the first. Great job!

    Jerry Spencer Avatar
    Jerry Spencer
  • I just finished working with my account manager to get a new trademark on file. Found the process to be pretty easy and affordable. They do a nice job at a good price.

    Steve Constane Avatar
    Steve Constane

    I've used The Trademark Company for several trademarks over the years. I have always found them to be a great company to work with and a very wonderful price. Great job guys! Stay safe!

    Susan Smyth Avatar
    Susan Smyth

    Used The Trademark Company to register two trademarks for my company. One slogan and one logo. The initial process was easy but then their systems kicked in and kept me well informed. My account manager Ashley was always great and wonderful to chat with.

    Ken Eastwood Avatar
    Ken Eastwood
  • So like so many, during the new normal I was finally inspired to start my side gig from home. The Trademark Company made it so easy. Answered a couple of questions and they got both my LLC and trademark squared away for the new biz. Thanks!

    Maddie Jones Avatar
    Maddie Jones

    Had a great experience with The Trademark Company. Filed for my own trademark but it got rejected. I purchased an office action response package from them and it fixed the situation. Great job. Thanks!

    Update: Liked them so much the first time I just filed a new trademark with them. Thanks The Trademark Company!

    Update 2: Just did another one. And they are as good as ever!

    Luke Davis Avatar
    Luke Davis

    I've used The Trademark Company for years. There are not too many options where I live and their online services made it easy for me to secure my business's name as a trademark. I went online, filled out their form, and a few minutes later my Account Manager called me to confirm everything. It was that easy. Nice job and I highly recommend their services.

    Anthony Baker Avatar
    Anthony Baker
  • Had to trademark the name of a product I invented. The Trademark Company's people made it easy. Just answer a few questions and they take care of the rest.

    Update: So evidently when you file for a trademark there are a bunch of steps along the way. Their systems are really amazing. They monitor your trademark's status in real time and then give you automated updates as the registration progresses. No idea how they do this but it is very cool.

    Kyle Rhodes Avatar
    Kyle Rhodes

    Needed to file a trademark. I had never done that before as I just started my first business. Found The Trademark Company online through Google. The website was easy to use and my account manager was super helpful. They were able to get my trademark on file the same day and make sure it is protected. In short, they made it easy and quick. I highly recommend them.

    John Jones Avatar
    John Jones

    Two years ago I decided to start a fitness clothing company and didn't know much. When looking into trademark laws there was so much info from every direction. I didn't know where to start. I found TTC online and noticed it was an out of state company considering that I am located in Arizona. I decided to give them a shot and am grateful that I did. Not only did they walk me through the process of getting my trademark registered; they contacted me whenever there was a deadline approaching in order to make sure everything was on time with filing. If you are considering registering a trademark this is a trustworthy and affordable company. I am thankful for Business Specialist and Account Manager Brian K. Wood and The Trademark Company. Thank you!

    Sean Frazier Avatar
    Sean Frazier
  • Had a great experience with The Trademark Company. Filed for my own trademark but it got rejected. I purchased an office action response package from them and it fixed the situation. Great job. Thanks!

    Update: Liked them so much the first time I just filed a new trademark with them. Thanks The Trademark Company!

    Luke Davis Avatar
    Luke Davis

    My company imports products for sale here in the US. The Trademark Company has handled all of our trademarks for our products. They do a nice job for a good price and are always friendly. Highly recommend their services.

    John Corvus Avatar
    John Corvus

    Just finished using their services to register my trademark. Having never done this before, I went online and found their site. It was informative and the ordering process very easy. Once I submitted everything my account manager called me to verify the information and then within an hour or so my trademark was on file. Awesome service guys! Thanks!

    Anne Rogers Avatar
    Anne Rogers

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