Approved Stamp - Small @100 x 100September 8, 2015

On August 19, 2015, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) withdrew its refusal to register Terrel Mckissick’s (“Mr. Mckissick”) application to register the trademark CLOTHED N FAITH (U.S. Serial No. 86362028) on the grounds that the trademark was likely to cause confusion with two (2) previously registered trademarks.

By way of history, Mr. Mckissick  applied to register the trademark with the USPTO on or about August 9, 2014 for use on or in connection with various items of clothing.  By Office Action dated November 24, 2014, the USPTO refused registration of the trademark on the grounds that it was likely to cause confusion with two prior registered trademarks.

Thereafter, Mr. Mckissick hired The Trademark Company to respond to the USPTO’s refusal of his trademark application.  Following the drafting and submission to the USPTO of arguments in support of registration the USPTO reversed its decision and, on the strength of the arguments contained in The Trademark Company’s Office Action Response, withdrew the refusal.  The trademark has now been approved for publication, the next step in the registration process.

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