August 1, 2014

Recently the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) accepted The Trademark Company’s argument in support of registration of 556 University, LLC’s trademark application for 556 UNIVERSITY, LLC (U.S. Ser. No.  85966317) approving the trademark for registration on the Principal Register for the USPTO.

By way of history, 556 University, LLC applied to register the trademark with the USPTO on June 21, 2013 for use in connection with “Education services, namely, providing classes in the field of firearms safety” in International Class 41.  On October 8, 2013 the USPTO refused registration of 556 University, LLC’s application under Section 2(e)(1) of the Trademark Act on the grounds that the trademark, as applied to the applicant’s services, was merely descriptive and thus not entitled to registration.

Following the refusal, 556 University, LLC  hired  The Trademark Company to present arguments in support of registration for the trademark application.  The Trademark Company, in turn, crafted a detailed legal argument as to why the trademark was not merely descriptive of the applicant’s services.   As stated above, the USPTO accepted The Trademark Company’s argument in support of registration of the 556 UNIVERSITY, LLC  application.  The trademark is now pending registration before the USPTO.

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