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Standard Defense Package

The Standard Defense Package represents an affordable option for resolving trademark disputes prior to entering into litigation.  As most cases settle, the Standard Defense Package is highly effective in resolving trademark and domain name disputes prior to litigation.

Our Standard Defense Package ($499) includes: 

  • Receipt and review of challenge and allegations therein;
  • Calendaring and monitoring of response deadlines;
  • Conducting due diligence and analyzing all available defenses to the challenge;
  • Providing you with an Opinion Letter regarding your rights and recommended course of action to defend the allegations, as appropriate;
  • Up to 2 Conference Calls with the Opposing Party or Counsel to Respond to Their Allegations;
  • Up to 2 Letters or Emails Responding to an Opposing Party or Opposing Counsel’s Cease and Desist Letter refuting their allegations, as appropriate;
  • Up to 1 Conference Call with Your Attorney to Discuss the Matter; and
  • Up to 3 Written Status Reports Reporting on Our Asserted Defenses and the Responses Thereto.

So don’t wait. Defend your trademark today.