I contacted countless companies. After considering the others I chose The Trademark Company because of their awesome customer service.
Kevin – South Carolina, USA
Johnny on the spot, quicksilver and, the road runner can’t hold a candle to you when it comes to your [the] care you extend to your clients.
Beau – Florida, USA
Thank you so much... You are a breath of fresh air compared to [Competitor's Name Omitted]. So glad to meet you. You are both less expensive and more helpful.
Taylor – California, USA
You are a godsent. The information on your site is extremely helpful but the ability to talk to an actual person who can give me help and guidance is wonderful.
Paige – Colorado, USA
Thanks for doing this so quickly. I wish I knew about TMCo sooner! It's so easy working with you guys!
AnneMarie – California, USA
Thank you very much. Your service is exemplary.
Jeff – Florida, USA
Thank you so much for all of your help. I am recommending anyone I know to your service. We will be in touch for future work...
Rob – California, USA
Thank you for your excellent service!
Sophie – Dubai, UAE
The Trademark Company is great! They took the time to explain the registration process to me where the others would not. They are the most knowledgeable [service] I spoke with and did not try to simply rush me through the process.
Bob – Florida, USA
Thanks so much for your patience in helping us get this approved! I really appreciate your valuable assistance and explanation!
D. Wolfe – Ohio, USA
How are you guys so affordable?
PMHOF – Pennsylvania, USA
A very professional submission. Happy to have chosen The Trademark Company.
Graham – Victoria, AUS